How to set up Google Chrome for productivity

Google Chrome is by far the most popular web browser. Odds are you even use it for your business! However, there are features and extensions you can set up to improve your productivity and support your best work!

This is how I set up mine and my clients.

Google Chrome Profiles

This is a fairly new feature and I fell in love with it the moment I started using it. Here’s the gist:

>> Each profile has its own extensions, bookmarks, reading list, etc.

So if multiple people use the same computer (and therefore chrome) each person can have their own profile. However, my preferred use has been to separate my business and personal life. Separating both is key. I don’t want to see my work stuff when I’m not “on the clock” or get distracted when I am!

Fewer distractions mean better, more focused work. Plus, work really is over when I decide it’s over. As you might guess, the following extensions were only set up on my business profile 😉.

Forest to limit distractions

Because limiting bookmarks sometimes isn’t enough. You have to set up slightly stricter rules 😅 That’s where Forest comes in.

Forest also has a phone app but the browser extension as 2 modes:

  1. It blocks certain websites
  2. It allows certain websites

You pick which mode is on, then set a timer when this mode will be active. I prefer the BLOCK mode since I can easily pinpoint what I don’t want to have access to. The Allow mode is more restrictive as it will only let you access websites you have added to your allow list in your settings.

Each time you successfully respect the timer and its rules, a tree gets planted! 

Get this extension here.

LastPass for your passwords

LastPass will save all your passwords in a vault and will auto-populate log-in fields.

Now sure, Google also offers a similar service with Google Password Manager but LastPass goes a few steps further:

  • Generate random passwords (with capital letters, numbers, special characters of the length of your choice) – no more using the same passwords for all your logins! 
  • Save payment cards and bank account information (quite nice when you have both personal and business accounts)
  • Organize your passwords in different files so they’re easy to find
  • Share passwords directly from LastPass. Shared passwords are also saved in a Sharing Center for easy (and safe) access!

Get LastPass here.

Grammarly for spelling

If you’ve been a long-time subscriber of these emails, you might’ve noticed how many fewer typos there are 😅. All credit goes to this plugin.

It’s super easy to use and it goes far beyond just typos, also giving you suggestions for word choice and letting you know how wonky (or solid!) your sentences are.

If you struggle when it comes to reviewing your writing – this is a must-have!

Click here to add.

Calendly for appointments

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, Calendly is a wonderful tool when it comes to booking appointments – whether in person or virtual. If you already use this program, you should have the extension!

Simply put, it allows you to copy your event link or create an appointment without leaving your current tab. Easy peasy!

Get Calendly here.

Character Count for Instagram Captions

Instagram captions are limited to 2200 characters and depending on where you write your content, you might not have a built-in character counter. 

I use ClickUp to write mine and it doesn’t yet have this feature! Using this extension, I can simply highlight the text I wish to count. I’ll get character, words, sentences, paragraphs and whitespace. Problem solved!

Get Character Counter here.

GoFullPage for screenshots

This extension will screenshot LONG things (beyond just what you have shown on your screen). This is especially useful for infographics and web pages.

Click here to install.

Theme Creator

This one isn’t for productivity per se. This extension simply allows you to create your own Google Chrome theme. If you’re going to spend all day on Google Chrome (🙋🏼‍♀️) it might as well have colours you love. Surprise surprise, I set mine up to match my brand colours 😂 and it made me WAY happier than I’d like to admit.

Click here to install the extension.

The purpose of these extensions and features is to help limit distractions, increase your focus and shave off time here and there. This is not an extensive list by any means – keep in mind the best extensions for you are extensions that make your life easier or extensions of tools you already use.

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