How I ignite my creativity when I’m feeling burnt out

We all know content creation is key when building a business. It helps build credibility, it helps build trust, it’s an opportunity to connect with your ideal client and to weed out the people that aren’t part of that group.

While I usually advise to only create content for 1 social media platform and an email newsletter, it can still be challenging to continuously come up with topic ideas. So here’s how I ignite my creativity when I’m feeling burnt out.

Dig through your conversations

This is probably my favourite way to ignite my creativity when I’m not feeling it! Whether it’s on Instagram or Facebook, texts from family or conversations you’ve had in person (or video call these days!) – this is the best way to know what people want to know about! Besides, if 1 person asked you, I bet a bunch more are wondering that same question.

We always say you should create content for your ideal client and not yourself – here’s your opportunity to write about things that you know for a fact people want to know about.

I always have an ongoing list of these questions to use as inspiration for content.

Bonus – this is also a great way to beat the imposter syndrome and validate your business idea and skills 😉

Look at what people are looking for

Still looking for inspiration? Look at what people are looking for on Google.

The advantage here is pretty clear – you already know that people are looking for answers to these questions.

This is especially interesting if you write blog articles. It’s super easy to tailor your SEO to match the keywords people are using – meaning that you have better odds of having your article show up as a search result on Google (and other search engines).

And showing up in Google search results means more traffic to your website and therefore potential leads and clients 😉

There are 2 websites I like to dig through for this:

Answer Socrates

The homepage shows you trending topics in your country. This can be interesting but my favourite part of this website is the topic search. You’ll get all the different Google searches people have done in this topic. Select which ones you prefer and add them to your topic list for future content!

Google Ads Keywords

I like to start with Answer Socrates and then move on to Google Keywords to see all the variations people look for within a single question/topic.

Once you search for a keyword or key sentence, Google will generate a bunch of related keywords.

Screenshot of Google Ads Keyword Planner

You’ll want to look at the first 3 columns –

  1. Keyword ideas – different variations of they keyword you inputted
  2. Avg. monthly searches – the more the better, obviously
  3. Competition – Low and medium will be your best friend here to make sure you can rank as high as possible among the results (I’ll make an article later about paid google ad keywords but when we’re talking organic content, it’s increasingly hard to rank high on high competition keywords )

Make a topic inventory

I’ve talked about this one a few times now. Basically make a few categories of topics you love talking about and that are key to your business. To give you an idea, mine would be Marketing, Apps & Systems, Big Picture (aka to help you with business strategy, mission, vision, trends, etc).

If you don’t know what those pillars could be for you, think about

  1. topics you can chat about for 15 minutes without doing any research (and love to talk about!)
  2. the foundation beliefs of your business (these should be SUPER specific and only applicable to you)

Then set a timer for 20 minutes and write out as many ideas as you can for each pillar. Write everything that comes to mind, you can always clean up after.

I hope this has given you some tips to ignite your creativity when you can’t come up with anything or feel like you don’t have much to share!

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