Collage of portrait of Anne-Sophie, weightlifting and out on a hike

My Background

I go by Anne-So, I’m from Montreal (I’m French) and I have ADHD.


I studied business at the University of Ottawa, specializing in entrepreneurship. Word spread – friends and acquaintances started asking me for business advice (people I knew from working in the industry since I was 16). I never considered myself an entrepreneur but I took on a few clients on the side.

Additionally, it’s during university that I discovered weightlifting and fell in love with the sport. I dreamed of finding a job in the industry.


After graduation, I quickly realized the traditional 9-5 business grad job was not my cup of tea. Unfortunately, so were most health & wellness jobs. Looking back, it makes so much sense given my ADHD and how my brain works.

Still, I tried both for a few years (while still working as a business coach on the side). I realized a few things:

✘ You don’t need the #hustlelife to have a successful business
✔︎ Energy management is key to producing your best work (true in both sport and business)
✘ Most systems and strategies aren’t made for neurodivergent brains
✔︎Aligned systems will reduce your stress, increase your energy and increase your impact

My Passions

  • Combining my love of health, both physical and mental, with my love of puzzles, technology, organizing and business growth.
  • Bringing your vision, ideas and goals to life by creating a strategy and systems that support your best work and happiness
  • Helping you be happy doing what you love

My Tools

I use a variety of tools to create these systems and teach you how to use them with confidence. I work with you now so you can leverage and maintain these systems long-term on your own!

We’ll touch on

  • How you like to work
  • What tasks fuel you and which drain you
  • What your goals and priorities are
  • What is currently part of your business (offers, programs, processes, etc.) and your business vision

Which then allows me to streamline and optimize your systems and workflows. These emphasize your strengths, support your weaknesses while allowing you to focus on the right tasks. You put that newfound time, energy and money towards what matters most.

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