3 Month Accelerator

3 months to go from overwhelmed to confident in your business by boosting your productivity in a feel-good way.

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This is for you if…

☞ Dream of 20h/weeks in your business but don’t know where to start
☞ Struggle to know when “enough is enough” in your business
☞ Know the importance of self-care and taking time for yourself but struggle to step away from work #highachiever
☞ Want to feel organized and have your sh*t together
☞ Feel stuck in your business

And turn it into…

🌻 Feeling confident and clear on what’s worth your time and energy
🌻 Being able to go with the flow with more flexibility and freedom
🌻 Leverage your strengths and personality to work less and get more done in a way that feels sooo good
🌻 Have more time for the things you love – hobbies, family, social time, self-care and the things that light you up in your business!
🌻 More energy, creativity, happiness and pleasure!

I get it!

It’s f*cking hard when it feels like we’re going against everything we’ve been told our entire lives 🥴😬

If we haven’t met yet – hey! I’m Anne-So!

I’m French, I have ADHD, and I’m a recovering workaholic, perfectionist, type A people pleaser who never thought I’d have my own business. After getting my BCom in entrepreneurship I quickly realized the corporate world and common productivity/time management tips we’re meant for me. I thought I just had to push through and make it work.

Multiple burnouts made me realize I had to do things differently. I needed to take better care of myself for my mental, physical and financial health. I made more room for the things I love, changed my perspective on productivity and entrepreneurship and re-mapped how I organized everything to create more alignment.

I didn’t reinvent the wheel, I just modified it to work for me 😉

I’m here to help you do the same!

Productivity isn’t just about getting more done. It’s also about living a meaningful happy life & being intentional with our time.

Focusing on the ladder means helping you 10x your impact on your business (and productivity).

You are the key.

Introducing my 3 months to go from overwhelmed to confident in your business. The #1 program for creative business owners to boost their productivity in a feel-good way. Where we focus on YOU to create

  • Energy management for more sustainable time management
  • Flexible systems so you can go with the flow without overwhelm
  • Curating a personalized toolbox you can rely on long after our work together

All personalized to how you like to work, your personality, your energy levels, your body, your business, etc.

~ What you get ~

This is a highly customizable program. The following is the general structure you can expect from our work together. The specifics and time spent on each will vary based on your business, personality, vision and current situation.

Establish foundations

We establish the foundations of our work together. During the first few weeks, we get clear on your vision, goals, who you are, what you love, what energizes you and your current business.

I’m sorry I had to say it! But how you structure your business, your offers and the many hats you wear every day is going to have a huge impact on your productivity! I want to make sure I understand your current model and how we can optimize it to create more alignment between you and your business.

Refine your Business Model

Reduce your workload

Once we’ve created more alignment and clarity, we can go in and take stuff away from your plate. We also start to build your toolbox as we use tools you will then be able to use on your own beyond our work together. We’ll make sure your time and energy goes towards things that make you happy or grow the impact you have on your business (and your business on the world!)

Now that we’ve made room in your day, it’s time to add! This is where the magic happens and where make sure you get to fill your cup so you can create a sustainable long-term impact. This is also where we get to support your wonderful creative brain and help boost your productivity even more!

Add the ✨magic✨

Optimize & refine

AKA how can we make everything above even more powerful? I’m talking here about building your toolbox so your business can run like a well-oiled machine and give you the tools to roll with the punches when they come. Things like optimizing your workspace, tweaking your schedule, organizing your business and more.

*This is 100% customized to you, your personality and your business.

~ Bonuses ~

Ideal Schedule Template

This provides you with guidelines for how to organize your day, week and month and prevents blank page syndrome in your schedule 🙈.

You’ll also get the tools to adapt these templates based on each day, priorities, projects and seasons.

Procrastination Toolbox

So you can make a conscious decision of if you take it slow that day or take action to create change. You’ll learn where procrastination comes from, what it can teach us and what to do about it in our day-to-day.

Guide to Automations

Automations are a wonderful and powerful tool when it comes to being productive. You literally give your computer a task to accomplish without having to put any time or energy into it. Therefore if you’re looking to take something off your plate – automations should be your go-to tool. I’ll help you set them up and understand how they work!

SOPs with ease

SOP stands for “standard operating procedures”. They’re basically the car manual of your business. It details how and when to do everything in your business making it a great tool to outsource, delegate and reduce overwhelm in your business. Don’t worry, these are super easy to map out and create with this bonus!

ClickUp + Notion Templates

I’m a huge fan of both ClickUp to manage my business and Notion for my personal life. I’ve made templates available for both programs for everything from content creation to book/reading database, managing leads, business development, house projects and more!

ClickUp How-to

Never used ClickUp or looking to optimize your ClickUp workspace? This bonus is just for you! You’ll get courses, guides and my help to optimize and organize your ClickUp.


Pay in full

Regular $4444 + HST
Only $2222 + HST

Payment Plan

Regular 4 monthly payments of $1111 + HST
Only 4 payments of $555 + HST

You too can make room for more…

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