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Digital Planner!

✨ Bringing organization and systemization with intuition and energy management

✨In the most convenient and easy-to-use format

I always liked the IDEA of planners

I’d buy multiple every year and I never finished any of them (you should’ve seen the pile I recycled when I moved 😅). Because they all assume that

→You plan your goals/projects a year in advance
→ You set SMART (specific, measurable, etc.) goals 🤦🏼‍♀️ What if my goal is to feel a certain way? To live by certain values?
→ It’s all about consistency with little to no room for your own cycles and seasons
→ Just making to-do lists and writing appointments/meetings will make me do them/stick to them (hello neurodivergent brain 🙃)

That changed when I found bullet journaling. I stuck to this system for about a year. I loved how customizable it was but hated the work required to create all the spreads I wanted every day, every week or every month.

So I decided to make my own planner bringing…

…Intuition, energy and systems all in one.

How do you integrate intuition, seasons, and energy with the everyday constraints of the modern world?

How do you create a life that is in alignment with your dreams?

It starts with who you want to be and what you want to achieve.

⚡️ Making time for the doing AND the being
⚡️ Tracking your energy levels and taking action accordingly
⚡️ Following the cycles of nature and creating rituals to connect with it
⚡️ Breaking down the daily and weekly habits to become your best self + being accountable
⚡️ Being grateful for what you have while striving for progress and improvement

All packaged in a way that actually supports your brain + your best work 👇🏻

Optimized for ease of use and convenience

✔︎ Navigate easily to the page you want thanks to icons, tabs and dates (all with hyperlinks)
✔︎ Icons for all your daily + weekly reminders

✔︎ Tune in with the moon’s cycle with icons in your monthly, weekly and daily spreads
✔︎ Pages for your New Moon and Full Moon reflection and intention setting

✔︎ Daily gratitude, affirmation/intention and energy assessment
✔︎ Brain dump space every day

With all the things you expect in a planner

✔︎ Year and month spread for important dates
✔︎ Daily schedule to map out your day
✔︎ Weekly to-do list + focus
✔︎ Daily priorities (and why they matter)
✔︎ Reminders for all your small tasks
✔︎and much more!

This planner is a PDF file that was optimized to be used with GoodNotes. It can also be printed or used with most pdf-compatible programs.

It’s time to grow your impact 👇🏻

Portrait Anne-Sophie

Hi, I’m Anne-Sophie!

I go by Anne-So, I’m French, I have ADHD and I’ve been helping business owners for over 5 years.

I spent way too long fighting with my own brain and trying to apply systems and strategies that weren’t for me. I constantly had to take time away from my business as I kept running myself to the ground.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to bring my business and health background together to create science-backed frameworks and strategies to help you in your business.

Get your planner!

2022 Digital Planner

This is a PDF file optimized for GoodNotes on the iPad.

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