Reclaim hours every week in your business for what matters most.

Susan Benoit testimonial - Anne-Sophie is the systems guru you want on your team to optimize profitability and streamline business processes.

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It’s time for a new chapter in your business!

One where you have more time…

To grow or scale your business & make more money,

For friends, family and life outside your business,

To feel less stressed and less overwhelmed

By using strategies and systems that work for you + your brain

Hi, I’m Anne-Sophie!

My mission is to help you save AT MINIMUM 5h a week for what matters most.

Because feeling like all you do in your business is keeping your head above water doesn’t have to be the norm; nor is feeling overwhelmed.

As much as being busy in your business is exciting in the beginning, it quickly becomes too much. When you struggle to get organized and create boundaries in your business, it’s a burnout waiting to happen.

You know you have to sort it out but you have no idea where to start and you feel completely discouraged at the sheer amount of work that would be.

So whether you are looking at your financial goals wondering how the heck you’ll get there, wanting to cook more, grow a bigger garden, take on more creative projects or be more present with your family – you need more time.

This is where I come in – to save you time in your business so you can spend it where YOU CHOOSE.

What would you do with 5h more hours EVERY WEEK?

Why I started

I’m passionate about health and the human body.

I love creating systems and organizing things (shocker – I know)

I get to bring my experience and expertise to help you build a business that supports your goals.

Work with me!

For solopreneurs & small teams

  • Who can’t take a vacation without their business falling apart
  • Don’t have time delegate; nor the systems to do so
  • Wish to scale without the overwhelm
  • Dream of a long weekend… every weekend
  • Solve problems 1 tool at a time

For clinics

To facilitate the creation and implementation of systems for in-person and virtual care without putting extra strain on your staff.

Small Business Planner

Planner spreads

I created this for the mindful entrepreneur to grow their impact and their business without the stress, without the overwhelm on their schedule.

What my clients are saying…

I closed my gym because of covid. It was a difficult decision to make but I had big dreams for the Just Lift brand and I wasn’t about to let a pandemic get in the way. I wanted to expand my business to launch a never-before-seen weightlifting coaching app (a venture considered impossible by many in the industry). 

We decided to work with Anne-So because I always start too big and try to solve too many problems and overextend myself. We also needed help with:

  • Being less overwhelmed and stressed
  • Having more flexibility in our schedules
  • Spending less time planning and more time doing
  • Facilitating our work to fit us, our work style and personality
  • Gain clarity over what needs to be done today, this week, this month to reach our goals
  • Saving hours by improving collaboration and communication across our team

Anne-So was able to solve all this for us and I’ve been feeling much less anxious! We’ve never had a holistic system that chains everything together – from our business vision to objectives (OKRs) and daily/weekly priorities. The systems and frameworks she’s created align with how we work and focus our time and energy on what actually matters. The time we’ve saved on planning and discussing now goes to moving our business forward and having a bigger impact. These systems also allow for much more flexibility in our schedule, time management and priorities.

I’m very happy with what we’ve received and her work has been incredibly valuable! Thanks Anne-So!

Greg Chin, Just Lift


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